Our Champions League Predictions

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Our Champions League Predictions

*cue the Champions League anthem*

The Champions League Quarter Finals are about to kick off, and the stage is set for some epic matches. It's down to the final eight teams, and the world will be watching to see who advances and who goes home. Let's get into our predictions...

Liverpool vs Manchester City

In an all Premier League matchup, Liverpool and Man City are sure to have us on the edge of our seats with high press, attacking soccer. Liverpool are the only team to beat Man City in the Premier League this season, and no manager has a better record vs. Pep Guardiola than Jürgen Klopp. That said, Man City might be the best team in the world right now. Oh, we almost forgot - Liverpool have Salah, do do do do do do, ohhh, Mané Mané...

Our Pick: Man City

Juventus vs Real Madrid

This, of course, is a repeat of last year's final, which Madrid won. And, the odds suggest Ronaldo's ability to score will lead them to Semi Finals. We disagree because Juve's legendary goalie, Gigi Buffon, deserves to win the Champions League. Plus, we need to pick at least one upset!

Our Pick: Juve

Sevilla vs Bayern Munich

In case you've been living under a rock, Sevilla just knocked Manchester United out of the Champions League. That's a big deal, and it proves Sevilla are a dangerous side worthy of any team's respect. Even so, beating the well-oiled machine that is Bayern Munich might be too much to ask of Sevilla, particularly with their knack of conceding goals.

Our Pick: Bayern

Barcelona vs Roma

Barcelona are clearly the favorites in this one, and for good reasons. First, they've only lost three games all season. Second, they have this guy named Leo Messi - you may have heard of him. Roma have come out and said they will not park the bus, so it should be an exciting battle to say the least.

Our Pick: Barça

talkSPORT's super computer, on the other hand, thinks Bayern, Madrid, Liverpool and Barça will advance to the Semi Finals. If we don't listen to Elon Musk's warnings, we might be watching 22 robots out there on the pitch soon! Whose side are you on - ours or the robots?

How to watch

We know you don't want to miss a minute of the action, and neither do we. Literally zero work gets done over here while these matches are on (just being honest).

Anyway, Fox Sports is the go to in the U.S. for all Champions League matches. If you don't get FS1/FS2 or you're more of a streamer, then check out Fox Soccer Match Pass - there's a 7 day free trial.

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